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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

“ is always winter in Narnia – always winter but it never gets to Christmas.” remarked Lucy, in the “Chronicles of Narnia”.

England, UK, late November 2010 – who would have thought to find most of the country blanketed by deep snow and transformed as the picture-perfect backdrop for the movie. The photo was taken along a lane just outside London. The children exclaimed about Narnia when they saw the sight of icy trees, powdery snow, the landscape of white beneath cold, grey skies - and who could blame them for thinking we were driving into the magical land of winter Narnia.

We took off from sunny Singapore, zipped thousands of miles across the globe to holiday in England in Nov/Dec 2010. While we were prepared for cold, dreary, British winter weather, we were certainly not primed for the “Big Freeze” awaiting us. No one had anticipated the record snowfalls and the early onset of deep winter.

In the midst of airport closures, flight delays, clogged motorways, public transport disruptions, cancelled football matches and snowstorms, we chose to forge forward with our plans.

We bravely put on our thermals and woolies, arming ourselves with vitamin pills and sachets of Cadbury’s hot chocolate drink, we soldiered forward with our best attitude. The cold was bitter, piercing through the many layers of wool, and I admit it was miserable to battle the chilly winds blowing at you and trying at the same time not to slip on the icy pavements under frozen feet. But we decided to face each day with eager expectation of the new surprises ahead of us. This attitude was what made the vacation amazing.

Instead of groans, we rejoiced that we could have a real winter holiday, with snow and all—if unplanned. For the kids, what a treat it was to be able to have snowball fights, slosh in the ice, sledge down snow-covered hills in the countryside near Oxford, walk across Clifton Suspension Bridge swaying above the icy, commanding Avon Gorge. Our holiday was indeed punctuated with many moments when we just paused to take in the splendor and awe of the season in all its glory. For me, watching cotton-ball like snow drifting and settling on historical icons like the Tower of London and Big Ben evoked a somewhat Dickensian and nostalgic feel.

Thankfully, unlike Narnia, Christmas would arrive soon! Add this anticipation with holiday decorations, carolers, delicious mince pies and mulled wine plus terrific discounted shopping, this might as well have been our own magical, winter land of …...England!

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  1. James: 7 years, 10 months ago

    Great picture..thought it was from the movie. Please share more pics with us...

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