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KL Reviver


KL Reviver

“But you live in Bali! Paradise! How could you get bored?!?”
It is all about perspective and after a hectic few working weeks my perspective was truly skewed out of shape. Seeking realignment I boarded the plane to Kuala Lumpur. City dwellers often dream of sandy palm fringed tropical islands. Island dwellers dream of busy streets, the hustle, bustle, self important, dressed up, talk sharp, pushing and shoving of city life. The unforgettable weekend ahead was to involve a thoughtful visit to the Islamic art museum, moments sitting laughing with friends on plastic stools eating pungent street food in sight of the Petronas towers , hours whiling away in the heavenly hotel spa then sleeping like the proverbial baby in the wonderful expansive bed. But at this moment as the doors to the Shangri La were graciously pulled back for me with welcoming smiles and my eyes spotted the staggering display of hundreds of blood red anthuriums everything was as yet a delicious secret to be discovered.

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