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Inner Happiness With A Golden View!


Inner Happiness With A Golden View!

Well, no-one ever told us getting to paradise was easy. Ella and I have found another shangri-la, another beautiful place.

There comes a moment on the endless, bumpy long-haul flight to Ko Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand, when window shades are raised to greet the dawn and you realize the ordeal has been worth it. You've entered the tropics. The light is different, the air is different, and the colors are the intense blue-green of the jungle. Islands dot the long elephant’s trunk coastline of Thailand like a necklace of jade as your airplane descends. Beneath you is a fragile beauty that, once experienced, is never forgotten. The feeling is like when you’re in a treasure island and all you see are gold and diamonds!

Ko Phi Phi Leh is one of those dots we see from the sky, a long-acre island lying a mile off island of the Phi Phi archipelago, in the Andaman Sea. It belongs to the Krabi province of Thailand. Oh how we love beautiful Thailand!

It’s adjacent to a larger island, whose fishermen catch anchovies from rakish. It is an island, consisting of one discreet set around the edges of a tropical rain-forest. It is jaw-droppingly photogenic. Ella and I would not mind living there for decades!

This perfect, horseshoe-shaped cove on the island’s undeveloped side is regularly voted one of the world’s prettiest beaches. Its blue-grey sand imparts to the water a deep green color most evident at sunrise and sunset. This is a tranquil place of great beauty, surrounded only by the rain-forest, home to scuttling crabs and a few sunbathers discreetly parked on loungers hidden by the trees.

If you like understated elegance or sensitive architecture designed by nature, then you will like Ko Phi Phi Leh Island. It is as good a chance as you will ever have to get up close and personal with a rainforest and its furry or feathered inhabitants. Above the towering canopy of its trees soar sea eagles, hornbills, kingfishers, swallows and, on one memorable occasion, a magnificent fish-owl. There have been rare sightings of pangolin on the island, but the omnipresent stars are its macaque monkeys, who come down to the island’s beaches and coves at twilight to fish for crabs from the rocks.

This is a very special place! A nature reserve without fences, a stunning beach unmarred by breeze block hotels. My photo had not lied. You really are confronting paradise. Go ahead, enjoy it and experience inner happiness with a golden view!

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