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Hospitality From The Heart


Hospitality From The Heart

If you have ever wondered what is meant by Shangri-la's "hospitality from the heart" slogan, a visit to the Rasa Ria Resort in the Sabah province of Malaysia personifies it's true meaning.

In the modern world of travel there is so much choice of where to stay and hotels often concern themselves more with what latest gadgets can be included in the guest room and what the latest culinary trend should be for inclusion in their restaurants.

Of course such things are important to many travellers, however what Shangri-la hotels offer is much, much more and what investment in bricks and mortar, gadgets & gizmos can't provide......genuine hospitality from warm, honest, caring and engaging staff who make you feel valued as a guest, as a friend and as a person.

The humility and warmth of the staff at the Rasa Ria resort provide all these attributes and more. Not because this is how they are trained and follow corporate guidelines, but because they offer hospitality from the heart.

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