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Hong Kong Shangri-LA

The Kowloon Shangri LA located in the business district is one of the most beautiful locales I have ever stayed in with panoramic views of the harbor. It is super convenient for business travelers and well connected by ferry, rail and commuter buses. I also was delighted by the courteous service of the staff as we were here on a business trip and they helped us from finding transportation to the business district and in making our weekend stay fun with visits to scenic places in Hong kong such as the Ladies Market,The Convention and Visitor Center, Tai Sin Temple and the Clock Tower. As a vegetarian I got treated to a veritable buffet of southern china delicacies and the most amazing desserts. It was almost magical to walk past the hotel and see the sunset amidst the traquil walkways in one of the busiest cities in the world. I would love to visit the Kowloon Shangri-LA. The picture I have attached is from the banquet hall and we had our business meetings here and annual recognition awards for our teams from the US, Europe(France), India and Australia and all the participants loved it. We met with our partners in Hong Kong and Shangri-LA helped us with conference room facilities and banquet center. The food was delectable and it included the world's fare as we had a international staff. I was surprised that Shangri-LA offered intercontinental as well as asian fare. To keep in shape, they also have a wonderful pool and all our staff enjoyed the pool after a hard day's work.

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