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Hong Kong: Pearl Of The Orient


Hong Kong:  Pearl Of The Orient

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Solstice occurs during the Winter.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the Solstice occurs during the Summer.
In Hong Kong; Pearl of the Orient, my twice yearly solstice visitation to my second home is to be with my Uncle Lan, of Vayatour.
Winter solstice is now upon us as I peek into the Harbor nostalgically recalling the Holidays, gatherings with friends and family as "rituals" that we all "cherished!"
Throughout my childhood, I've felt very fortunate to have been cared for by my Uncle Lan who requested that I visited him "often" although we're world apart...
From Nathan's Road: "Golden Mile" to the "Avenue of Stars," I've diligently mapped out my walks and had stopped by Uncle LAN's Office on 7Hart's Road to have delicious lunches as we, caught up on "Golden Times."
From when I was a child, to when I was a teenager traveling to the Far East and to currently traveling on my own as the ferries took me a cross the Hong Kong island Harbor apart or, a world apart; Hong Kong, will always be A Pearl in my Eye.
Nostalgia: A peek into my "Shangrila's Harbourview Winter Solstice "as time stood perfectly still and as I took this pic I hear; my Uncle Lan's wisdom voice calling out to me...
Cherished are the moments to be with our loved one during the Holidays or being a world apart in the Pearl of the Orient.
Happy Winter Solstice and A Pearly White Holidays!

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