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Honeymoon Is An Adventure!


Honeymoon Is An Adventure!

This is the story of our perfect honeymoon. Perfectly us. Our trip was rarely the exotic escape that we expected our honeymoon would be; instead, with equal parts adventure and excitement, chaos, romance and relaxation, our honeymoon was an affirming reflection of the many sides of our relationship.

We agreed from the beginning that our honeymoon would include a mix of recreation, adventure, pampering, beaches, culture and cuisine. Jakarta, Indonesia has them all. Very few destinations in Asia or around the globe allow you to climb a volcano, shop in futuristic malls and recline on your own deserted island, all in little more than 72 hours. From the gorgeous beaches, to the mountainous landscapes, Indonesia seemed to be, in many ways, an ideal destination for our honeymoon.

When we first arrived at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, the staff immediately took our luggage to our room. The room with a view of the city was very charming (we stayed in a deluxe room, room number 2719). Ms. Shoko escorted us to our room and it greeted us with a glass of champagne, fresh flowers and fruits, petals and chocolates. We spent the whole evening laughing and smiling, blind to the chaos of the streets below. When midnight approached, we celebrated the end of our first night with a champagne toast.

Day two was intentionally under-scheduled to let us to catch our breath, shake the jet-lag, and acclimate to our new surroundings. Still, we insisted upon exploring the city, and the best means of doing so was to book a city tour offered by Shangri-La. With the help of the concierge team, we managed to satisfy our adventurous spirit and explore every corners of the city. It was fun and a blast despite the notorious traffic.

Day three was a bit challenging. We were scheduled for a private tour and went off for an unforgettable experience. A rising column of smoke in the distance alerted us to the fact that we are nearing the island of Krakatoa, one of the most infamous and destructive volcanoes the world has ever seen. This infamous volcano is located near the port of Carita Beach, about two hours’ drive from Jakarta.

The journey there allowed us to climb right up near the edge of its smoldering crater. I admit, I was a bit scared at first but upon reaching the edge, everything was just spectacular. On our return trip we had snorkeling in clear green waters and swim alongside giant monitor lizards. The experience was truly amazing!

These are the stories that define our great trip. The challenges we were able to overcome together, the limitless excitement of discovery, and the lasting memories of exploring unfamiliar territory. Our trip, much like our relationship, was defined by our response to unplanned and unexpected adventure.

After three days discovering the hidden gems and celebrated sites of this coastal capital we declare our own visit a complete victory, but will do return for a re-match.

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  1. Lit-Lit: 6 years, 4 months ago

    I love it! :)

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