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Historic Lisbon


Historic Lisbon

Can you see beautiful historic Lisbon in just a few hours if that's all the time you've got? I did that by taxi cab. This way I got to see old Lisbon with its cobbled, steep streets and yellow trams running alongside, winding up to the old Castle at the summit from where I got a fantastic city view of buildings with red tiled roofs. As I am enchanted by historic buildings, it was a treat seeing city squares surrounded by majestic buildings, Jeronimo's Monastery, Monument to the Portuguese discoverers, and the Tower of Belem marking the spot where the discoverers set sail in search of new trading routes and trading posts. Driving towards the Tagus River, I thought I was in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge spanning the river and at the same time in Rio De Janeiro with the magnificent Statue of Christ towering above the opposite shore. The sight of the impressive Roman aqueduct was a good round up of my quick but comprehensive tour, and a reminder that Portugal is the oldest country in Europe and melting pot of different cultures and home to a variety of delicious cuisine and excellent port wine.

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