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Happy Mother's Day, Mother Earth!


Happy Mother's Day, Mother Earth!

Seeing my niece having a grand time in our trip to Cagbalete Island in the Philippines, and as we celebrate Mother's Day next month, I can't help but notice the close association between our mothers and Mother Earth.

Mother Earth and our mothers have things in common. They both give and not ask for anything in return. Our mothers take care of us until they feel we are mature enough to be sent out and venture into the unknown. Unfortunately, we forget that with freedom, comes responsibility.

Lets face it, the essence of traveling is experiencing Mother Earth in all of Her beauty. Whether enjoying a piña colada on the beach, or playing snowballs on a winter day, these are all possible because we have been extended the opportunity to enjoy them.

As we become more adventurous in traveling and in exploring things, we have to realize that we do have a role to play and a responsibility to carry out.

Traveling is the best teacher as they say. It opens our eyes to new things and lets us experience first hand what we could only read from books. Traveling enables us to do these but we should be wary about protecting it or the very least, we should make continuous efforts to restore them to how they used to be.

"I love the beach and the hammock! I want to stay here! Is there another beach we can visit next time?", my niece said with so much joy.

That made me quiet for awhile. I guess the answer really depends on each one of us, depends on how much we give back to Mother Earth, so that She too can have something to give to kids like my niece to enjoy.

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