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Grandfather's fruit


Grandfather's fruit

My wife said, "I want to eat mangosteen" when we were having the breakfast at the hotel in Bangkok.
A few days spent in Thailand, we enjoyed too many fruit. Papaya, Mango, Longan etc....
"Why do you want to eat a mangosteen suddenly?"
"I do not know why. But, I want to eat mangosteen anyway."
There was no mangosteen in breakfast hall of the hotel.

According to where I hear, Juice of vivid pericarp of the mangosteen fell hard. Therefore, it could not eat the mangosteen at the hotel in Malaysia and Thailand.
So probably there were no mangosteen in breakfast hall.

It was a mangosteen absolutely for my wife. Well, let's go to buy. So, after breakfast, we decided to walk the streets to look for mangosteen.

Previously, Thai friends had to say, "Walking along in the shade of buildings and trees when you walk the hot city. Do not run, and be walking slowly."
According to their words, we were also walking in the town slowly.

First of all, we decided to go to a Japanese supermarket in a shopping center. However, it was not the mangosteen in the supermarket, we moreover walked the city.
Big street, a small road that bends from there. Old man sitting in a chair in the street. There were also stalls selling meat of charcoal-grilled. Buddha statue was enshrined in the shrine of the alley, people who live near were praying with offerings of food and flowers.
There were lives of people of the city that could not see from window of the car in here and there. Street trees that different from my town. Smell of the city. We walked the streets while enjoying. We felt like became intimate with the city by walking. At last, we found a mangosteen in the local supermarket that walked about an hour.
We bought about 10 pieces. We ate mangosteen immediately. It was very delicious.

After returning home, I've heard that my wife's grandfather lived in Bangkok. I heard about it when we have a meal with my wife’s aunt.
"Long time ago, my father lived for a year in Bangkok on business. He said that could not forget the taste of mangosteen that ate during his stay."
Wife’s grandfather died 30 years ago. I have not met wife’s grandfather of his life. My wife did not have heard details about life abroad from grandfather.
My wife said, "I wanted to eat mangosteen in Bangkok. It was absolutely."
Aunt said," Maybe your grandfather did wanted to eat."
"Well then, mangosteen is the grandfather’s fruit." My wife laughed and said so.

My wife took a stroll with her grandfather at her childhood. Maybe, grandfather might have wanted to walk the streets of Bangkok with cute granddaughter. And he probably wanted to tell taste of mangosteen most delicious in the world. I think so every time looking at the photo of the city of Bangkok.

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