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Gorgeous Raya Island


Gorgeous Raya Island

Blue crystal-like ocean, abundant underwater creatures and convenient transportation are the three treasures that Raya Island has. Luckily we got the chance to have a taste of all of them in our trip in October this year.

The most exciting thing is the snorkeling day trip to Raya Island(also called Racha Island, Phuket, Thailand).

After a 30 minutes' boating from Phuket port, we arrived at this little island. To our surprise, we saw 5 different blue colors when we were snorkeling-from sky light blue to deepest ocean blue. The water was the cleanest that I have ever seen in my life! Thank God that we have prepared some bread for feeding the fish. It was so funny that hundreds of colorful fish swimming around us. We also saw colorful coral and star-fish under the water as well, blue purple and even red.

Raya Island is a must to go. I recommend all my friends to go there if you go to Phuket. But remember to protect the nature, do not litter and do not touch the coral otherwise this natural place will soon be gone.

Photo & written by Hongde Lin

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