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Golden Travels on a Budget with Gold Passport, Priority One and Golden Circle


Golden Travels on a Budget with Gold Passport, Priority One and Golden Circle

Yesterday, Gold Passport: traveling on a budget can be a challenge and stayed at the Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur on an upgraded, 12000 points, A massive, 105 SQ meters corner suite nonsmoking floor, Patronas Twin View facing towers not to mention being able to run around in circles inside my room! This room can be upgraded from Grand King to include access to the executive lounge for breakfast or the 38 restaurant with choices of western cuisine, continental, local foods and then some ..& Corner Suite Tower facing bedroom view at night; was "magnificent!"
Corner Suite are facing the twins of course as well as all around the beautiful city twinkling lights and cocktails as well as tea times are served thought the day at the executive lounge to include wifi laptops, board room inclusive.
This massive rooms comes with teas, expresso machine as well as replenished exotic fruit platter, fresh treats from pastry chef from Melbourne, Australia and 3 jars of snacks with bottled Evian watered and plastic bottled water on the go in the rooms, bars, bathrooms facing the twins with separate tub standing and showers and separate toilets with bidets and a guest restroom and laundered service inclusive!
Location, location: to the right of Grand Hyatt via convention center to the KLCC Patronas TwinTowers there is is a Mall with two Grand Supermarket the Coldstone and Isetan as well as a lovely park and of course the infamous and massive;
A jaw dropping as I stood at the bottom looking up at the Towering Twins...Patronas overpowering and overwhelming!
To the left, up the bubble is another massive Pavilion Mall with Malay famous street food court at the basement and then,... there are tons of other local food court when one venture outside where there are additional malls and to the right of the MTR is the direction to the Hawkers center, very chaotic!
Wow,....A collection of staff members to bid me "farewell" on an executive transport back to the airport for safe travels, speechless!

Today, Priority One: can be enjoyed at the Grand Stafford formerly the Hilton at the Intercontinental Hotel with an awesome Full Harbor view Room and not to be confused with the Intercontinental, formerly the Regent in Kowloon Hong Kong. One can enjoy strolling via the harbor to the avenue of the stars as well as to take in the laser showing nightly.
And yet, "The HK Island is a shopping and eating paradise!"
In addition, it is an easy access from IGS, Intercontinental Grand Stafford hotel to the Avenue of the Stars, The Ferry rides, Harbor Cruise & the harbor lights and the twinkling of the busy harbor hustle and bustle are at your window steps for viewing daily and nightly!
A Golden Circle voucher dining experience at the Shang's, Kowloon Shangri-La-- Grand Dame & not to be confused with Island Shangri-La for dining experience during a typhoon's warning dining @a famous chef specials no. 1088 is a must!

Tomorrow, A Small Leading Hotel of the world completes my very own " Golden Circle;"
Shangri-La's Rock and Roll Exclusive Ocean Room Suite is equipped with showers fit for a King overlooking the Pacific Ocean and wrap around my rocking gift of the skull vodka with KISS CD in coordinated color with this room ( a surprise gift) and fresh foods from the farmers market pier.
In addition, The Exclusive Rock and Roll Suite wrap and roped around to the Suite 700 for some cocktails at the City of Angel in Santa Monica, USA .
In irony as the only Shangri-La Hotel in name only: non Golden Circle Hotel on this journey, it will complete my budget travels to a full circle.
Hence, this completes my journey to the 3 rd world in celebration of my "Husband's Suite Grand" '"High Five Five's Celebration,'"
Cocktails Cheers!

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