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God' s Blessing: Luxury Eats at Shangri-las


God' s Blessing: Luxury Eats at Shangri-las

It was in the early 1990's when I got to be introduced to Shangri-la Properties here in the Philippines. I was then still College. I did belong to a medium class family and back then I can' t afford much to spend at Shangri-la Hotel Makati & Shangri-la Plaza Edsa for I was still a student then with limited budget. But ever since the first occasions that I got to spend at both places of Shang Properties, I did admire their poshness & class :)

After many years, now I am in my 38th year-I am able to spend pretty good papers at Shang Properties, thanks to God. Just last April 10th 2014, I had my first luxury eats at SAGE Restaurant.Makati Shangri-la Hotel. My lunch of Crab Meat Guacamole, Salmon Fillet in Lemon & Rosemary, Apple Tart with Milk Sorbet in Cinammon are of best. I like the sharp taste of the guacamole with really neat presentation. I loved the subtle taste of the poached Salmon, I can taste my money on it. And it is really a cute thing to eat their Apple Tart in Cinammon, it' s an expensive pop dessert. Makati Shangri-la Hotel still has its clean charm even after many years of being established in the business spot of Makati. Their people are all properly trained and groomed. It is truly worth my money spent then at Sage.

I have also visited Shangri-la Plaza Edsa last May of 2014th, they are renovating the place-a sign that they are taking care of their properties/ business. I appreciate that they are building the Plaza to suit the present community and crowd. I have been in their 6th level, where I ate Potato Fries in Truffles & Mayo at Italiannis.. rich place to be at. The Toilet & Powder Room at the said level is the best that I have seen among all the malls in Metro Manila-my style.

I have mapped a plan for a generous time where I will be having luxury eat dates at SAGE & Shangri-la Plaza.

I would want to visit Shangri-la Fort Bonifacio, Taguig in the future, and perhaps be able to live or stay at their residences/ hotel.

Thank you God for the money which I have spent and will spend at Shangs' wonderful places. Thank you God for the blessing of Shang Properties.

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