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Go behind the scenes wherever you are!


Go behind the scenes wherever you are!

I spent two weeks in Tokyo grace to my work, so I could not really plan my for the day, I never knew when I finish at work. But I knew one thing, as soon as I finish I go to the city! But wich one? Tokyo is a huge metropolis with a numerous cities, Shiodome, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Shinagawa, impossible even to enumerate. I chose everyday a new one!

There are of course the must see places, monuments. Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, etc. Amazing! Each one of them! But there is one thing I prefer more, just to walk in the city among the locals and inevitably the tourist. Feel the rhythm if the city and explore the less famous, the less evident, the less touristic.
In Japan if you are not local you have quite good chances to be contacted by local and get into interesting conversations! After I went to the Tsukiji fish market around 5AM and I had one if my best breakfasts ever I met with engineer students who just wanted to practice English and learn about other cultures. But next to the sacred place I met a retired history teacher who knew more facts about my homeland, Hungary, what I could imagine.

If you have any chance grab it, go to this fascinating country and explore it as much as you can and on your own. Meet locals, talk to them and eat where they eat, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from the friendly locals, you will be enriched with lifelong memories!

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