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Getting Crabby in Singapore


Getting Crabby in Singapore

One of the undoubted joys of a visit to Singapore is the amazing food.
People will wax lyrical about their favourites from Popiah,to Hainan chicken rice or even the amazing Hokkien Mee found near Eunos station.
Whilst some will succumb to the delights of Chilli Crab,my favourite will allways be the Pepper crab on the "ECP" or East Coast Parkway.
The sweetness of the crabmeat juxtaposes brilliantly with the smokey fire of the pepper.Each element in balance none overpowering the other.
Washed down with a Tiger beer this is perhaps the juiciest,tastiest and messiest meal on the planet.
This is a great fun meal to share with friends.
Be carefull not to dress to well as you will spill some on yourself.
Whether you chose to stay at the Singapore Shangri la or the Rasa
Sentosa Shangri la on Sentosa island this deliciousness is only about 20 minutes away.

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