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Fukuoka Prefecture: Poetry in Motion


Fukuoka Prefecture: Poetry in Motion

My husband always asks me to take him to Japan ever since we met and I had returned from my solo trip to the little Island on the map and yet I was exhausted as a kid traveling night and day via Shinkansen or bullet train during my 10 days exploring this great city.

Flash forward 26 years later and the nuclear accident did not motivate us to hurry back and to take my husband with me into a "glowing region in Tokyo?"
Hence, we waited one year and luckily, I had met a Japanese couple in Incheon, Korea.
I, finally had a place in Japan where we both would be happy to obliged!

This is a non-crowded Japan in Southern part where it is a lovely and quiet town existed by a river way down south and even further to Kumamoto farm land where the Sumo Orange was initially farmed.

We, are opposites: He, drinks beer and sake. I, drink tea and kefir yogurt.
He, likes raw fish or sashimi fugu and I, like cooked or tempura fried.
He, races cars and motorcycle. I, go traveling and shopping and enjoy talking to people.
Surely, there are things for both of us in this lonely place way down south?

A leap of faith lead us to this beautiful Isle with such a variety of things to do within walking distance or, circle the island for one dollar on a bus. I love walking from Hakata to Tenjin across the Bridge where even the fish by the river walk are happily jumping about and no one to fish them out?

I, decided to take him to this restaurant famous for live squid instead of fishing for our food "inside the restaurant." Fugu is seasonal only in Japan unlike Busan, Korea by the fishery....

We had live prawns, stone fish sashimi style and watched our neighbor ate live squid not for the squeamish squirted with lemons and made a wild move prior to being cooked...
We, were seated up front, along the live fish aquarium to include live tunas and front squids swimming around...entertaining but not a cheap place. My green tea is free, Gyokuru but not the beer is $4 per glass the usual price.

Enjoy and have fun with your meals the way you want them cook and please ask for English menu since Japanese considered the English language is for the British people or the US;
however, artistically speaking; is a poetry in motion and as always "arigato gosaimas,"

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