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Fishy Fishy by the Beach Shore


Fishy Fishy by the Beach Shore

When I'm packing loaves of bread in my luggage, it only means one thing - I'm off to my favorite resort Shangri-la Mactan!

Shangri-la Mactan is blessed with crystal clear water providing a million dollar beach view on a sunny day. But what makes it more special are the schools of fish which greet the guests right from the beach shore! The schools of fish are the pets of Shangri-la Mactan and they just love to be with people.

I was randomly snapping photos while fish feeding not knowing how the photos would like. It turned out that I took some candid fishy fishy shots in action. This photo was taken right from the beach shore of Shangri-la Mactan, with the hungry fish playfully tugging a piece of bread from my hand. Such simple pleasures in Shangri-la Mactan indeed create memories that will last for a life time.

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