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Fascinated by the rich nature


Fascinated by the rich nature

I was attracted to the island of Borneo from when I stopped by for transit at the airport in Kota Kinabalu on a business trip. I saw deep green forest from the window of the airport. It would be nice if I can spend a vacation in the great nature. I was excited to think so.

June 2012, I has been realized vacation in Borneo. I went to Kota Kinabalu via Kuala Lumpur from Osaka. I stayed at the Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort in Kota Kinabalu suburbs. I arrived to the hotel it was just before the date changes. Borneo seems as close to Japan, but it's actually far place. However, there's a place to be worth going even take the time. I thought so much that I spent wonderful days in Rasa Ria.
The first night in Rasa Ria, I heard the voice of something animal just before I fall asleep.
There sounds was high-pitched cries and like hitting a tree trunk .That may have been welcome in the animals of the forest.

The following year, my wife and I visited again Rasa Ria.
"Welcome back"
We are greeted by staff, we relaxed at once. The blue sea and white beach in front of the eyes. The deep rainforest behind. We can be heard the voice of the forest and the sound of the sea there. We can fully enjoy luxury that does nothing here.
We had an interesting experience at the poolside. A big squirrel came down the palm trees when our ordered the hamburgers for lunch was served. He seemed to aim of the French fries.He came up to the top of table. He get a potato from me. And he went back on top of the tree put in his mouth the potato. We had experienced that come birds at breakfast. But, we were the first time that have a lunch with a squirrel. Wife had said, "I watched a monkey when looked up at the trees in the garden of the hotel."
It is possible to see a variety of animals. Because, Rasa Ria have become one with nature.

There is a nature of Borneo in the natural Sanctuary of Rasa Ria. There are another world spread. The dense forest. The shrill voice of cicada like a trembling of glass. There is a place to meet the orangutans in back of the forest. I had thrilled like a boy when I saw the orangutan that crawled under the deck of the observatory.
The flow of time is slow in the nature of Borneo. Every morning, there is a fresh day untouched as when I was a young child. We were refreshed body and mind, go back to daily life again.
We would be to visit the Rasa Ria some other time. To hear the warm greeting of "Welcome back", the sound of the sea and the voice of the forest.

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