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Explore Confucius

“Wow Great, would like to go…”

I don’t know very much about Confucius but, I have known that Qufu is famous for his historical legacy, that is Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu. That’s all what I had knowledge about Confucius. Also I’m stranger about Jining, but I want to go there. Why? I don’t know, usually the time to travel so far away from home, always I can’t explain well the reason “Why do you want to go?” My answer is, “Because I feel something to fascinating me in there.”

Temple of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion is vast, and crowded with many visitors in spite of Saturday early morning. I have been to other historical famous place in China, such as Forbidden city, Mukden Palace, Jing’an Temple, but this Confucius Temple is also magnificent and beautiful. I could see a few people saying a prayer, offering incense sticks and kneeling down. As I saw the sight, I got feel at ease. (Of course I took many pictures!)
Confucius Cemetery is also very very vast, so I could not walk around the whole!
…I was exhausted.

Did you know Confucius had developed The Six Arts? I didn’t know about that until a hotel staff told me, so I wanted to know The Six Arts, I visited to “Confucius Six Arts City” the next day. The Six Arts is Rites, Music, Archery, Charioteering, Calligraphy and Mathematics. You could experience each arts at this park, for example, the activity of Charioteering is explore a Chinese history with riding in a vehicle like a go-cart.

To my good experience, I had a staff take my picture wearing traditional chinese clothes at Theatre of Confucius Six Arts! That is like a concert hall, a staff at here was very kind (we didn’t know the speaking language each other, because one spoke Chinese, the other spoke English, but no problem!!) and had many my pictures taken more! When I had my picture taken, other visitor’s child wanted to take a picture with me, so we did! (I can’t submit the picture with him because I have not gotten his consent, sorry)
I bought souvenirs at the shop after that.

Confucius is still known and loved by many people now, I think.
Thank you!

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