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Exotic rainforest in Malaysia!!


Exotic rainforest in Malaysia!!

My trip to Malaysia was very exciting.
A few years ago, I visited Malaysia with my friend and we stayed Shangri La's Tanjung Aru Resort for three days. We surprised the hotel was so luxury and hotel staff are amazing and provide excellent service with warm smile!!
After checked out the hotel, we went to the Deramakot area to see wildlife. This area was 'a city of nil '.It was just the countryside, no hotels, no tools. So we hired local cook and driver for this trip.
When we arrived, the Ranger for Nature Conservation welcomed us. We stayed same accommodation.
One day in the evening, ranger took us the night jungle safari. Our seat was the bed of 4WD. This is real night safari!! It was indeed a huge forest. I have never seen such a huge trees, leaves, and insects!
Trek to a forgotten tropical jungle, We spotted a number of animals mainly of flying squirrels, fruit bats. Some animal habitats were smelly but this is real and natural.
Into the rainforest, of course it wasn't to crowded and all the animals looked more lively than they do in most zoos.
Suddenly, something dropped on my shoulder! I surprised and looked gingerly, it was a draco! 'What a cute flying lizard!' my friend said to me, and she tried to grab at him, but he got away quickly. It was pity for her not to catch the draco, night jungle safari was very exciting experience for us, so we just hope that people must keep on protecting beautiful rainforest.
The day we go back, we missed ranger, nature, and animals. We were crying in the car to miss them. The laughs we create, the tears we shed, we had a lot of experiences in Deramakot.
After we alighted Kota Kinabalu, a big flag with words: Everything Must Go! jumped into my eyes. That shop was having a closing sale. Soon, we dashed into the shop and searched souvenirs! We got souvenirs with unbelievable price!!
Girl's eyes and intuition are stronger than wildlife!

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