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Exciting activity in Boracay. Are you bold enough?


Exciting activity in Boracay. Are you bold enough?

My first impression of Boracay is a place for relaxation. Walking down the white beach, reading a novel while facing the endless ocean, having spa and massages are all I expected before I start my trip. But the trip turns out to be far more excited, and I ended up jumped off the cliff which is at least 5 stories high!

I joined a day tour to the Ariel's point, which is a place famous for diving off the cliff. 3 diving boards at 5 meters, 8 meters, and ultimately 15 meters are there to test your guts. At first it doesn’t seems that high and scary, diving off the 5 meters and 8 meters was easy. After all, how hard could it be to jump into the water?

The moment comes when I walk out to the end of the diving board at 15 meters, my body start shaking when I look down. The life guards give me the signal to go, and people shouting “Jump! Jump!” at the back. There is no turning back! I back a few steps, and then start running toward the end of the board. 3. 2, 1, Jump! What a great view in mid-air, I have the moment for around 3 sec, then comes the water.

There are many other activities in Boracay, but this one is a must try for everyone. Before walking to the 15 meters board, ask yourself. Are you bold enough?

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