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Durian Durian


Durian Durian

Ever since I was a kid, I love the smell of durian in a nostalgic ways that when we moved to the Westernized whole world had turned upside down to a dried up Cheetos and M and M's to cure the hunger pang!

In the olden 60's days no durians are allowed to the Westernized Country or unclean food without preservatives. It took what seems like forty years "forever" to finally approved the import of fresh tropical fruits such as the King Durian. And, yes member now even boast of pushing one another into a fresh cart fulls of durians that imprinted ones bottoms into several dents as we laughed and cried; arrrrgh.the golden days..of the King!

There are no more carts to balance the King of fruits and yet the Asian Supermarkets can carry the fresh frozen and the cleaned up version allowed to be imported since this Kings refused to be grown in the "western side of the world?"

This is why I travel often to get a glimpse of this sought after elusive King sized fruits to fulfill my hunger pang. At last, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this was hidden in the distance of KLCC Mall where the natives failed to open their eyes to "Durian Durian" whereby, I just followed my nose and closed my eyes wide shut!
The soft served ice cream to cool off my body from those muggy heat, the yummy crepes, the tart and the traditional biscuits that warms up to a crispy and flaky tasty treats was just out of this world!
I am in durian heaven!

I traveled the Asian continent to taste the creation of the chef's favorite who spent 2 years in Jakarta Indonesia, originally from Singapore and he is now stationed in Icon, a teaching hotel in Kowloon, Hong kong creating the best penacotta that I have ever tasted made from this tasty treats , wow=)!

I hand carried this precious cargo to the mouths of babe and the addiction started all over again.....and the world is just not enough for me to seek the best of the best to include Phuket, Thailand...Zhenshen China, Samarinda Indonesia where if it does not fall from the trees, will not be sold or eaten!

At last, I have found my calling in Kuala Lumpur that I can bring back the best of the best without creating a stir in a civilized homeland, and a follower to include chefs ...from Melbourne and Japan in search of Me, a strange looking creature to invade my footprint sneakers into their turf!

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