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Colorful India!


Colorful India!

Mysticism, warmth, sensuality, beauty and natural surroundings. Lovely experiences, magic and spiritual peace. Energy, purity … a trip through the five senses.

It’s the India’s universe… To describe something intangible, something we only feel has never been easy but I run the risk of trying today in describing one of my best travelling experiences so far. Fun, evasion but above all cultural and spiritual wealth was what I felt in that trip. An exotic destination, one of the richest and most diverse cultures that I ever saw in my life. Read a paragraph of this article and close your eyes … dream or remember, as appropriate. But honestly, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by this visual and spiritual journey…

A moment that I will never forget is the sky with orange and rose shades over the Taj Mahal when the sun is coming down. I think that was the moment I felt more feminine, fragile in the middle of so much power and beauty. If the Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the most beautiful architectural works of mankind, imagine it with a scenario so pure and intense behind such as a quiet sunset.

There are several options for sleeping in India but I suggest you only one, the Shangri-La Hotel situated at the business hub of south Mumbai. The service is unique and the architectural beauty of the building inside is something transcendent. In one side you can enjoy a nice pool and have a delightful view of the city, sea and race course. I remember diving into the pool and staring at the sea remembering the Portuguese Discoveries on that territory and their fantastic stories about the Indian people, their different traditions and all of those spices.

Spices. Yes, I ate the most exquisite and aphrodisiacs meals in that land. Hot dishes, of all colors and spices. A forkful was a nice sense of sin and a strange taste, different but addictive. A world full of mysteries and pleasures, each bite was a guessing game and a temptation. One of the days I had dinner in a restaurant where the light was very low and had a sweet smell of incense in the air that was quite engaging. I felt that suppressed by an intensely sensual and mysterious feeling. The moment became even more intense when the dancers came to dance Bharathanatyam. It is impossible to describe the enchanted visuals of the beautiful and gentle gestures and poses, light clothing and bold colors that rotate to spread the magic in the air. All of them with that famous Tilak on the forehead, which I think is such a unique and special detail that only those women could ever be allowed to wear.

India is one of my favorite destinations. A destination where each of us can actually feel more “us”, more feminine, more intense and powerful. Colorful and lively I would say, are the words that describe this country.

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