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Car Motels, A New Idea for Shangri-la Too?


Car Motels, A New Idea for Shangri-la Too?

On our self-drive trip to Taiwan last year, one of the highlights was our two-night stay at a Car Motel in Tainan. We had been hearing about car motels and we had wanted to see them for ourselves during this trip.

For people who are not familiar with the concept, a car motel, which is rather prevalent in many parts of Taiwan, is a motel which feels like a giant multi-storey carpark. Check-in and out is done at a counter at the entrance to the hotel, which is very similar to a drive-through counter at a fast-food restaurant. Once inside, you drive into the hotel, up ramps and literally into your room. After parking your vehicle, you close the shutters to your room and even your car is very safely parked inside your room.

In our picture, our room was actually double-storeyed, with a separate garage at the lower level, and the flight of stairs at the side led to the room proper. Guests enjoy maximum privacy and security, since they do not have to alight from their vehicles until the shutters to the room are down. When the shutters are down, the car is also hidden from view.

An interesting side fact about car motels too, is that because of the privacy that guests enjoy, some of the locals also check into the car motels for trysts, since it is much harder for them to get caught!

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