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I met two women at Borneo. Two women, my wife and I departed from same airport. We arrived same time at Rasa Ria. They seemed to live in near our living city. But we have never met before. We happened to meet them there. That was all.

My wife and I spent luxury holiday at pool-side or beach with sunshine of Borneo that from next day. The other party, two women went out for sightseeing of Borneo every day.
One morning, they come to us when eating breakfast in a restaurant.
"Good morning. We will go to Kinabaiu Mountain. How do you doing every day? "
They seemed to mind us that spending slowly in a morning.
"We spend in here every day"
I said so. They had very surprised look.

The next time when we met them, it was the day of leaving Borneo.
We had a talk with two women in a car that going to airport. We were quite different that did not talk at all when at the first time.
They said at hearing our talk.
"We regret that we could not enjoy Rasa Ria"
And, I thought at hearing their talk.
"I wanted to see the flower of Rafflesia that blooms in Kinabalu Mountain"

It is a few years since first meeting. In the past few years, we made a trip to Borneo each in a different time. We did not meet in Borneo from that time.
But my wife is keeping in touch with them. And we have meeting often at our city. Exchange information of trip, Celebration of someone's birthday, Christmas party etc.
Always, we bring with many pleasant topics, and enjoy a delicious dinner.
We age is different, work is different, living environment also different. But, we have something common. We like joyful time. We like delicious foods. We like nature of Borneo, We like Rasa Ria. Thanks to Rasa Ria, I was met with wonderful friends.

Only recently, I heard from my wife,
"It was decided the name of our meeting. `Borneo Lovers Association` "
The next meeting is scheduled for March.

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