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Blue, Blue, These Mountains Are Blue


Blue, Blue, These Mountains Are Blue

Blue, blue, these mountains are blue;
Lavish Eucalyptus known for the reason too.
Under the winding bush walking twirls,
Every single step takes me into such different worlds.

Magnificent views it generously offers;
O! Such breathtaking sight by none others.
Unless we turn back time right at the edge;
Never will there be another chance to catch -
The Three Sisters where some said once lived,
Amidst the greenery with such legendary myth.
I can admire this view all day, but
Now I know why and how it has gotten its name,
Say the Aboriginals, that past generations indeed saw the same.

A recent trip to the Blue Mountains in Australia makes me to cherish the natural creations of the world even more. Standing at the edge of the cliff and looking at this natural rock formation at the foreground with the blueish backdrop of the mountains, it clears my mind from the hustle and bustle of city life. We are such tiny inhabitants of this planet and if we don't play our parts in conserving what's left, our future generations will only witness the beauty of the world such as this breathtaking sight via the internet and jpg files.

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