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Best of both worlds


Best of both worlds

We often hear the phrase “east meets west” and I couldn’t describe Singapore more than that cliché. It’s a melting pot in its own right. And as interesting as how the locals are a mix of several Asian ancestries is how Singapore maintains its diversified culture, yet retaining its own charm. Old meets new… style and substance… east meets west… who says one can’t get the best from both worlds? In Singapore, that idea is not really far-fetched.

Upon arrival, the first thing that I observed about this power economy is how everything seems to be in place. It seems that the city was well planned and everything is running as designed. This being our first time in Singapore, our itinerary had the more popular tourist destinations like Sentosa and Marina Bay. However, we took time also to explore some of its outskirts like Little India. It’s amazing how Little India exudes the ethnicity that it calls for. From the merchandise, to the curry’s rich aroma, and to the people, it’s all incredibly India.

Some say that a place’s charm can also be seen in the richness of its culinary offerings. Boat Quay showed us just that. Be it Thai, Indian, Chinese or English cuisine, people flock to Boat Quay’s food establishments whose selection widely varies. Set alongside Singapore River, eating at Boat Quay is a treat to both the sense of sight and taste. For us, it seemed like the fast-paced city surrendered to the charm of this laid–back riverside food heaven. We opted to try this restaurant that offers delectable British fish and chips. Now, that’s literally an ‘east meets west’ experience.

Of course, a walk along Orchard completes that ‘old meets new’ experience. Practically all imaginable merchandise could be found in this ever-bustling stretch of commercial establishments. One good thing I notice is how trees are abundantly grown in practically every corner of the city, giving that relaxing feeling in a typical hectic work day. This just shows how modernism and environment can complement each other.

We stayed in Shangri-la Singapore’s Valley Wing whose luxury appeals the discerning taste of society’s privileged. To say that its attention to guests’ comfort was evident is an understatement. Each moment spent in the Valley Wing reminds one of how it pays to be a distinguished guest in Shangri-la.

Singapore taught us that co-existence is possible. It generously showcases a unique blending of culture, tradition and progress. It effortlessly gives you the best from both worlds.

Who wouldn’t be captured now?

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