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Best Fish Ball Noodle HK style


Best Fish Ball Noodle HK style

Who would be crazy enough to have a hot bowl of noodles in this HK heat -- it's 34deg.. I did and was impressed with the man in white singlet over the counter who I have observed for some 10mins before deciding on taking up the challenge to order something in English in a very typical HK Cha Chang Teng (HK local Tea cafe). If he can take the heat for 9 hours preparing these noodles.. I must try!

Try I did, fantastic taste, smooth snow white noodles unlike the pasta I am familiar with, fish ball has the taste of fresh fish ingredients. Was told its hand-made in the shop.. My favourite was the fish cake .. Cut into bite pieces , crispy "skin" but delicious and tasty but not too tasty..

It was hot outside the shop but this restaurant must be one of the cleanest cos there are no used tissues or leftovers thrown in the floor .. a rare sight

Who says .. HK don't have good quiet welcoming tea cafe for non- Chinese like me..

Ooops I enjoyed the place n food so much that I forgot the name.. It's in North Point.. I will definitely come back..

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