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Beijing, It's an Experience


Beijing, It's an Experience

Beijing, it’s an experience.

When I saw an ongoing fare promo from the website of a local budget airline, I knew there’s no stopping our family to flying to Beijing. The next thing I know, we were busy packing our winter clothes, with too much excitement to experience the great city that Beijing is.

Yes, it’s not about what to see, or what to do, or where to go. It’s about experiencing Beijing. I call it, a treat for the five senses.

Coming from a tropical country, we have never really known how winter feels like. Visiting Beijing by the end of the year made us realize that it’s such a gift of nature to experience that wonderful winter breeze while walking in the highly-dense Wangfujing.

It’s almost a sin to leave Beijing without feasting on its rich culinary offerings. A trip to an authentic pecking duck restaurant rewards you of an unimaginably flavorful doze of this white meat coupled with its crispy golden brown skin. In the restaurant that we went to in Beijing central, the lady server was kind enough to demonstrate to us to the technique in preparing a big bite of the tasty duck meat. First put a spoonful of meat into the thin wrapper. Put on the veggies, roll, dip in its rich sweet brown sauce. And the rest is for your taste buds to enjoy.

What treat would Beijing be without satisfying the discriminating eyes of its visitors? Good thing the magnificent Summer Palace, the regal Forbidden City and the larger-than-life Great Wall were there to stun us. I refuse to refer to them as just tourist attractions. They speak about China and its culture and people. It’s like walking into a chapter of the era of the emperors. They are worlds in their own rights. Choosing to visit during winter may mean less visitors trying to walk on the Great Wall or trying to take a snap shot of the colorful temples in the Forbidden City.

One secret to a memorable Beijing travel lies in a pair of ultra-comfortable walking shoes. Yes, Beijing taught us a lot of things, and one of those is: great things await those who walk. For one to enjoy these equally breath-taking heritage sites, one literally would have to walk for longer distances.

What made the experience even more unforgettable is our stay in China World Summit. The hotel boasts of amazingly unmatched views of the city. Attention to detail was unquestionable and the hotel staff made us feel that we never really left home at all.

Go ahead, treat yourself to the spectacular experience that this side of the world offers.

Beijing, it’s an experience, and it’s waiting for you.

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