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Beautiful things beautiful


Beautiful things beautiful

During the journey of Hanoi, my wife and I went to Ha Long Bay in the guidance of Mr. Vinh.
Upon exiting the Hanoi city, countryside had spread there. Those who wore the hat of triangle. Cows are eating grass that shaking his tail. Lotus flower that bloomed in the pond, Pineapple stand, Signboard of Bia-Hoi (Beer hall). We looked landscape of Vietnam suburbs through the car window.

About 3 hours later, we arrived in Ha long Bay. Harbor was crowded people waiting for a cruise, with people who came back. Mr. Vinh said “People who have that big luggage will cruise in Ha Long Bay 2 days 1 night”. Our cruise is scheduled for 6 hours.
We got on the ship. Only three of us ride on the ship 40 people capacity. Staff of the ship is more than us.
The ship left the quay at exactly 12:00. First of all, while eating lunch of seafood, overlooking the Ha Long Bay from the large windows of the cabin. The sea under the cloudy sky, I looked like an Indian ink painting.

Before long, sunshine has been spilled. The sea changed color to emerald green. Voice of the cicada is heard from the island.
Ha Long Bay is meaning that dragon alighted on sea. In legend, large and small rock is said to be a jewel that the dragon spewed. Or because of that, decoration of dragon head is attached usually to the head of the ship to cruise the Ha Long Bay. That's look like are swimming dragon on the emerald green sea.
On the way, we landed on the island there is a limestone cave. But most of the time of the cruise of 6 hours, I viewed the landscape in the sea breeze. Did I bored? ... No such thing. Because, that soak in the scenery is one of the charms of the journey.

Time the setting sun shining on the sea, we came back to the harbor to set cruise. While watching the harbor approaching, Mr. Vinh said looking there ships “There are to enjoy the cruise that has been carrying tourists from abroad. But, this sea had been filled with battleship. I hope that era is not this again "
At that time, he was 20yeras old. I was impressed by his words that over time.

Views of Ha Long Bay everything was wonderful and beautiful. I want to feel beautiful things beautiful forever. And I hope to introduce such a feeling more people.

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