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Bangkok Through My Eyes


Bangkok Through My Eyes

“Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller”. That’s what they always say.

But does it really matter?

I’ve always wondered, and asked myself, why can’t I be both? I want to marvel at touristy attractions yet still be able to explore undiscovered gems. And that’s what I did when I visited Bangkok for the very first time. I decided on making my own adventures along the way. Where the unexpected meets the expected: the perfect matrimony.

I began to experience things from a different perspective – both through the tourist’s lens and by following the traveller’s intuition. In my eyes, Bangkok became a feast for my soul and senses.

I could still remember how it felt when I laid eyes upon the majestic temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun. It was awe-inspiring. Beyond the customary snapshots, I discovered that there were simply stories waiting to be uncovered at every turn. The intricate carvings on the wall of the temple? They tell a million stories, long forgotten. Or the geometrical design of the stupa? It signifies a sacred spot where a religious relic is placed. You see, I realised that when I looked past what was in front of me, I saw even more.

And here comes the unexpected bit of my adventure. I stumbled upon a hidden gastronomic treasure close to Wat Pho! It was along a side alley. The aromatic smell of lemongrass that was wafting through the air caught my attention at first. I spotted locals having their afternoon lunch, while chatting happily away. The hawker was busy cooking up a storm over a charcoal stove. And that was where I had my delicious plate of ‘pad thai’. It was savoury, sweet and spicy; delicious nevertheless. An unplanned detour that turned out spectacular. It made the journey even more memorable, or better yet, tastier.

In all honesty, Bangkok surprised me in more ways than one. It made me put on many hats. A tourist. A traveller. An explorer. A risk taker. At one point, I even felt like I was a local.

That’s what I love about Shangri-La as well. In Bangkok or wherever I am in the world. The details are never overlooked. The experience is deeply unique and personal. The moments created will always be priceless. With Shangri-La, every vacation is a special one – breathing new meaning to my travels around the globe. Where the unexpected meets the expected.

“Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller”. That’s what they say.

But does it really matter?

I don’t believe that one bit. I write my own rules. And I make my own adventure.

Because I can.

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