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Bako National Park - The Perfect Rainforest Adventure


Bako National Park - The Perfect Rainforest Adventure

Borneo is every nature lover’s dream destination; boasting some of the oldest rainforests in the world. On a recent trip to Kuching (capital city of Borneo’s Sarawak state); hubby and I decided to pay Bako National Park a visit. Situated just 37km away; Sarawak’s oldest national park however felt like a world away. Though one of Sarawak’s smallest; the gazetted national park impressively packs so much natural beauty it’s unbelievably magical. What I find most interesting is Bako contains almost every type of vegetation found in Borneo; with 25 distinct types making up 7 complete eco-systems. It’s best to stay a night or two at the Bako lodge (run by the local forestry department) if one wishes to explore the vastly different landscapes and explore the best parts of the island. We were in total awe of how the landscape changes so greatly in such a relatively small island; from the beach to the cliffs to the heath forest, dense mangrove forest, fresh water swamp forest, grasslands to the virgin rainforests.

Along the way there were plenty of incredible wildlife sightings too! Much to our delight, we spotted the rare Proboscis Monkeys (native only to Borneo) which proved to be the highlight of our trip. It takes great patience and a bit of luck to spot these pot-bellied, long-nosed gentle creatures; but trust me it’s worth it. (tip: we were told the best time to spot them are either early in the morning or at dusk). Hubby and I also had a close encounter with 2 Borneo bearded wild boars…we turned a corner and there they were behind some shrubs! We stood frozen in our tracks not knowing what to do; but interestingly the boars were the ones who scooted off the moment they spotted us! (phew!!!) We also saw the affable silver langurs monkeys, water monitors, flying lemurs, mousedeers, a variety of snakes, exotic birds and really cute and colorful hermit crabs.

In a nutshell, Bako National Park was simply magical. Wildlife and amazing biodiversity aside; we also chanced upon numerous natural streams, lovely waterfalls and secluded beaches with white soft sands whilst exploring the many well-marked trekking trails. And if you do decide to stay the night; make sure you take a sunset stroll on the Teluk Assam Beach near the park headquarters- the changing skyline is simply breathtaking! Plus don’t forget to book yourself a jungle night walk excursion too… you definitely would not regret it! Thank You Bako National Park for giving me and hubby the best ever rainforest adventure. We will definitely be back for more!

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