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An Idyllic Oasis


An Idyllic Oasis

Holy Week is a time when things shut down for the entire Philippines, and the best time to stay at Makati Shangri-la Hotel. 

An Idyllic Oasis in the heart of Makati, this hotel - which I think of more as a welcoming home - has enough activities, nooks and corners to make your stay as active and as personalized as you want it to be, with enough shops in and around the hotel to satisfy the unstoppable shopper, but always, always making room to be reflective, alone and be yourself amidst everyone and everything else.

We were able to lounge around the pool, have a leisurely Easter Sunday breakfast, check out at a later time, and left the Holy Week refreshed, renewed and revitalized. You may call it a personal resurrection of sorts, but that is what Makati Shangri-la does: it uplifts you and gets you to a better place.

Living in a city as frantic and hectic as Manila can be taxing, stressful and just a little too much. For these reasons, Makati Shangri-La truly becomes a place to unwind, get away from it all, and feel as though your cares have been washed away. The level of service and attentiveness to one's needs is a hallmark of their legendary customer satisfaction - and Makati Shangri-la delivers this in spades. 

An oasis is said to be the one thing that inspires travelers across an arid desert. And in the desert known as Manila life, no other oasis can be as beguiling, enticing and alluring as Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

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