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An Engagement Pictorial Session


An Engagement Pictorial Session

Between jobs, families, and all the other 101 things entangled in between, the boyfriend and I were due for a vacation. The hardest part in planning, though, was figuring out where to go. Well, I somehow landed on the Shangri-La Boracay website and immediately fell in love with the Loft Villa. It took me only a few seconds to realize that any other accommodation in any other hotel in Boracay would have been unacceptable. The salivation had begun.

And luckily enough, two months before leaving, the unexpected happened- the boyfriend proposed. I immediately booked a photographer to meet us in Shangri-La for our engagement pictures.

We soon arrived in Boracay, was met by the manager, and was whisked straight to our villa. The Shangri-La experience is exquisite. I’m not going to dwell on the surprise cake that was left in our villa after they learned of our engagement. And I’m only going to mention in passing how we were cheerfully greeted by the staff everywhere we went. These extra touches do not seem extra at all. They just seem to be part and parcel of the Shangri-La experience.

And so the day of the pictorial came. The boyfriend and I were uneasy. We were told not to look straight at the cameras, not to smile, but to just look over yonder somewhere far away. We started at around 10 AM and didn’t stop until well into nightfall. It was some tiring work. But our butler really came through for us. When my hair stylist was working on me, she decided that my hair would look nicer with flowers on it. I immediately got the butler on the cellphone and asked him to gather a few flowers for me. He came in with several very beautiful white and yellow flowers. Needless to say, my hair looked great in the pictures. We posed on the dock, along the pools, by the beach, on a hammock, in golf carts- everywhere.

After going around the entire hotel, our photographers were not done. Back in our villa, they did what any self-respecting photographer out for the perfect picture would have done- they dunked us in the infinity pool! And bar none, out of 1,080 pictures taken that day, it was the best one of the bunch.

The next afternoon, as we were getting ready to leave the hotel, it started to rain. It was like Boracay was shedding tears for our leaving. Well, the feeling was mutual. We didn’t want to leave either. But the best part about leaving is that you give yourself a chance to come back. And come back, we will. We’re getting married at this beautiful hotel next year! I certainly hope I don’t get dunked in a pool in my wedding dress that next time around.

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