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An Ecolodge: A Very Personal Shangri-La Where Wild Things Are..


An Ecolodge: A Very Personal Shangri-La Where Wild Things Are..

It is always "inspirational" for me to have read the Shangri-La articles for our next adventure of a lifetime trip with "nature."
Tanjung Putih National Park in Borneo, Indonesia is a "Natural Wonders of the World" where We, partake our very own personal trip as a family at one with nature via "klotok" to be with our ancestry; Orang Utan which boast a bizarre picture perfect young looking "Jimmy Durante's Nose."
Orang Utan's Ecolodge is a very basic accommodation in the midst of a fabulous jungle surroundings after spending the night in a serenity of a "klotok" amongst the river swells...
Where We, can be at one with a Cubby Lion, a Baby Orang Utan, and the beautiful Macau at our fingertips.
I am at awe with such beauty of natural wonders and to have a Momma Orang Utan hugging me by wrapping herself on to me was priceless and beyond words as I felt warm and fuzzy all over me...
And as a Single Mom, I am very proud to have partake on this once-in-a-lifetime trip with my newly graduate young Daughter on this Ecolodge; where wild things are...

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