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Amsterdam The Capital City Of The Netherlands-Holland


Amsterdam The Capital City Of The Netherlands-Holland

When I was 8 yo, my fondest memories of Holland had lingered onto my now "silvery-haired years."
I had kept my most priced possession of a waterborne woman on a bicycle pen that fascinates me as she moves on towards its famous windmill destination backwards and forwards.
Armed with my imagination with "moving objects" on a pen that actually writes; I packed my bags x50 years later and took a flight that had actually landed in Holland during the "Snowy Winter Wonderland."
Ironically, my plane landed early while others were "delayed."
I thought to myself; How "gorgeous" can this city be as I rode passing by the Queen's residence by the gleaming frozen lakeside."
This fascinating Capital City of Amsterdam seemingly does not sleep as I was jet lagged and it had lived up to its reputation "to live and to let live " as well as an open and tolerant to changes and as the top financial center in Europe.
The historic canal is a moving and glistening "Disney's hourly cruise ride" among its posh colorful buildings and boat houses and hotel rooms. It's museums, the red-light district and its cannabis coffee shops are now my dreamlike destinations.
A quaint stroll away along the canals are crowded with young people and bicycles are at an abundance for rentals and are such a colorful scents and sights to feast!
And let's not forget those wooden shoes; yes, farmers in Holland really do wear those "Klompen" which are now an additional memento to my X-Mas Tree;)'
With no worries, I had made this trip happen x50 years later as my "work travel experiences" are more valuable and worthy of my worldly silver travels.

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