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Amazing Thailand: Can't Break The Bangkok!


Amazing Thailand: Can't Break The Bangkok!

For almost eight months, Thailand was at the top of our holiday list. It was far enough away to take us out of our comfort zone, but inexpensive enough to stay for a few weeks. Plus we both love the food! We were to leave on our family vacation around Christmas 2012. We had it organized and got all our vacation days in a row.

A month before our vacation on November 18, 2012, my father had an early retirement due to his injured arm. We welcomed the new economy and remained optimistic. We were on an emotional roller-coaster. We felt strongly that we still wanted to go on our vacation; it was even more important to us now. We needed to see the world outside our own front door. We needed to see the bigger picture. Plus, many of our generous relatives donated to make this happen.

So, thanks to our friends and relatives, to Thailand we went! We landed in Bangkok at midnight, completely exhausted and a little out of sorts. Once we arrived at the hotel we knew we were in good hands. The bell hop brought us cold towels to refresh our faces and orange juice to refresh our hearts. The woman at the front desk was kind and smiley and even gave us a room upgrade for free. I think she saw how tired we were especially my mom and dad.

We spent the next few days getting back on our feet and wandering the streets of Bangkok. We would walk for miles, exploring all the alleyways and "sois" where some of the best restaurants, amazing temples and treasures could be found. One night on a particularly long walk, we wandered off the loud main street of Sukhumvit and discovered a back alleyway filled with candle-lit restaurants and quiet pubs. We had a great meal at an English pub called the Pickled Liver and listened to expats talk about the beauty of Thailand. The next morning we woke early to go to the floating market in Damnoan Saduak, about an hour outside of Bangkok. We got a guide and a boat and floated through the market, periodically stopping to buy fruit and trinkets from the Thai women who were cooking breakfast in boats of their own!

We spent much of those few days getting used to the smell of spices, temples, incense and fish.

We would definitely recommend Thailand for a holiday destination. The Thai people are helpful and kind and always ready with a smile, the food is to die for and the warm weather melted our wintry hearts. I and my family will never forget the excitement of Bangkok!

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