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Amazing Sky

Hi,Golden Circle members,

In the 2011 years of summer vacation, I finally finished I wish, is also my mother's wish. We finally went to the United States to visit my sister and her family, she has been in the United States for 26 years. Although I will promise to 10 years ago my mother took her to the United States. But for so many years, at work, in many private things, make me this plan was dragged on, but we in Hong Kong said: late better than no to(遲到好過無到)! Ha ha!

We went to two months, actually took a lot of photos, but why I'll choose this one? Because this is my back to Hong Kong in the United States before the last day, I remember the place is in the Colorado Denver, a shopping mall in front of the parking lot. Clearly is very beautiful dusk, but the distance to the cloud and even up the place are raining, so strange and beautiful scene!

I hope you like them!

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