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Amazing experiences, Palau


Amazing experiences, Palau

Palau is a beautiful island country located in the North Pacific Ocean.
Eight years ago, I visited there with my friends. The cities were clean, and we could see that locals were welcome to tourists.
The language of Palau is English and 'old Japanese'. Just 100 years ago, Palau was under control of Japan. So some of Japanese word became Palau's. However because they were very very old words, sometimes we laughed.

Our main purpose of this trip was diving. We are scuba divers. A guide took us to the famous diving point called 'paradise' by boat.
It was beyond imagination! I have never seen such clear blue water and lots of sea creatures in my life! Big sharks, napoleon and many more!
Definitely it was one of the most amazing and beautiful dive.

After diving, when we were walking on the beach, we noticed a baby that was buried deep in the sand. Why? We asked the baby's mother.
She said, 'There's a custom of burying the baby's lower body in the sand. If we do this, the baby will be able to walk faster.' We were surprised that custom.

The next day, we went to Jellyfish Lake.
If you go to Palau, you must go to Jellyfish Lake. It requires a permit and a boat to take you there but it is the only place in the world where you can swim with millions of non-poisonous jellyfish.
They are really inspiring creatures. It was a bit frightening at first to be surrounded by them but they don't sting!

Swimming with millions of jellyfish, un unusual phenomena, is unimaginable fun!
But be gentle with them as they are fragile. In addition to this, to better preserve the natural environment there, it is advisable to put on sunblock wetsuits instead of using sunblock lotion. It is because the chemicals from the sunblock lotion are harmful to the jellyfish.
Jellyfish Lake, and the beautiful ocean and nature are precious gifts from the earth and may be the greater limitation.
So we just hope that people must keep on protecting beautiful Islands.

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