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Aloha to a "Cup" of Capital Cities in Asia


Aloha to a

Traveling solo is becoming a common trend among the very young as well as the "Silver Traveler." This is even more so for Women since travel planning are so much more easier and to pick up luggages are at the destination instead of at every stop towards a never ending journey...

There are four wheeled, spinner, lighter luggages such that an experienced traveler may now pack "lightly."
I am now a "Golden Traveler" since my soul tends to wander to the Far East twice over for a "spiritual" journey as well as a "gastronomical" delights. This is also true of my own travels to the Capital City of Tokyo in Japan; The Capital City of Taipei in Taiwan; The Capital City of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
As I traveled solo my interest now rests at the Shangri-La Home away from home where the Michelin Star Gourmet meals remains to be had with its services that anticipates beyond compare.
Hence, gone are the era of College "bunk beds" and "snoring" roommates but a more peaceful, and restful night's sweet dreams remains as my motivating desire to recapture my youthful, adventures soul.

The Hawker's or Street Foods are housed indoor in Malls with the outmost comfort of air conditioning and a welcome relief from the humidity and the heatwave of travels.
These great "Capital Cities" are not to be missed even if only to visit once-in-a-life-time as an introduction to each of its own unique Culture in the Country of Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

I'm always at my "Happy Time" when planning my trip as they unfolds into my visiting each of the Capital Cities twice unfolding in my lifetime of joyous nostalgic moments.
Having to revisit the the Capital City of Tokyo where there exist an Island of Odaiba with its own black beach sands; the only Outlet Mall in its City; Eatery Galore without ever leaving Japan.
The Capital City of Taipei where the Highest Quality of High Mountain Tea teaching and tasting may be had overlooking Taipei 101.
The Capital City of Kuala Lumpur where the Patronas Twin Towers stood tall amongst the crowded Mall as I exited in awe looking at the "above and beyond" it's magnificence.

Ironically, the Shangri-La Hotels had remained a staple of my home away from home. Its strategic location in each of the Capital City in Japan, in Taiwan and in Kuala Lumpur to the Malls, to the transportation, and it's unparalleled services are not to be missed .
A most welcomed respite which makes my traveling destinations to The Capital Cities to the Far East my Cup of Aloha.
And onwards to my next destination to the "Shangri-La Bangkok of Thailand."

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