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A Wonderful Birthday Surprise – The Shangri-La Way!


A Wonderful Birthday Surprise – The Shangri-La Way!

My stays at the Shangri-La Makati have always been great. The facilities and amenities of the hotel have provided me everything I needed at the end of busy, tiring days of meetings and business engagements to be able to unwind and relax. I can say it is “home” away from home. But beyond the physical superb accommodations this first rate hotel can offer, what I truly most appreciate during my stays are the people. From the friendly staff that you come across with in the hall way or elevators every day, all the way up to the helpful managers at the front desk or the restaurants, you can really feel they do make a welcoming, sincere effort to meet your needs, to make you feel you are an important guest, your concerns matter and that they will go out of their way to make your stay extra special.

On my latest visit at the Shangri-La Makati, my schedule was more packed than usual; there was no time to prepare for anything special for my elder sister, who joined me in this visit and was coincidentally celebrating her 45th birthday that week. I was hoping that early morning of her birthday I would be able to arrange something extraordinary for us later in the evening to celebrate this milestone, but there were urgent phone calls right at the beginning of the day, and there were early meetings to attend to. Midday, while in the whirl of discussions with my team, I was out of my wits, unfortunately both of our schedules will be ending quite late in the evening and will not even allow for a dinner. I told myself the celebration would just have to wait.

Late afternoon, in between meetings, I still kept on thinking, how could it be that there isn’t something we can do for her on her special day? I told myself… I know! I will call Shangri-La to the rescue! So I did and the staff I talked to said, “No problem, we will be ready for something special for her when both of you arrive back in the hotel around 10 pm.” Right there, I felt comforted knowing that at the very least there will be a surprise for my sister.

When we got back in the room late that evening, even at 10:30 pm, four of the happiest and friendliest hotel staff knocked and came in to our room. With head props and musical toys on hand, they enthusiastically sang a vibrant birthday surprise song and presented my sister an exquisite chocolate cake! My sister and I were totally impressed and I quickly took my iPhone to capture the moment thru video and this picture says it all! My sister was pleasantly surprised and had a tear in her eye. She was touched by this gesture because the staff took the time to do this for her on her milestone birthday!

So this is why I say, the people working and taking care of the guests in this hotel makes staying in the Shangri-La a great difference! Here’s a heartfelt thanks to the team and staff, they make each stay fun and memorable! We will be back soon!

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