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A Whole New World...


A Whole New World...

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the Middle East. Magic carpets, the life of Muhammad, ancient stories and myths- there was something about it all that simply captivated me.

So this February, (while the rest of Hong Kong got to celebrate Chinese New Year) I got the rare chance to experience the Middle East- Abu Dubai.

My "magic carpet" ride started right at the front desk of the Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi. The double doors of our suite immediately opened up to new levels of luxury, hospitality and of course, service. Oak paneling, wooden carvings and intricate mural paintings. Everywhere I went, I was inspired.

Every time of the day was so perfect. Literally.

In the mornings, I would run down to the beach, do some yoga, stretch and take in the beautiful scenery. A few hours later, after savoring the fantastic Arabian "Fatir" bread at the hotel restaurant, I would wander the streets in my sunglasses, my camera over my neck and a pair of suede sandals. I was ready to head down to the "Souk" market in search for textiles, spices and an education of Islamic religion.

But perhaps the most enchanting time was sunset. That's when the sky was painted a deep purple and the waves lapped gently against the soft sand. Nature was at its most beautiful. I'd usually sit, cross-legged on the beach doing nothing but watching the sun go down.

Though we didn't have time for the deserts, those sunsets I spent alone on the beach were priceless moments. What I saw was nothing short of magic. It was truly a whole, whole new world to me.

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