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a slice of a lifetime memories


a slice of a lifetime memories

For me special occasions should always be celebrated in special ways, in special places together with the special person you’ll spend it with. I made a booking at the Shangri la Mactan four months before our 13th wedding anniversary. So much excitement filled the air until the day we arrived at lobby of Shangri la. Though that was our first time to stay in this hotel we never felt stranger at all. There‘s a warm homey feeling kind of treatment from their staff.
That night after a sumptuous dinner at the Blue Coral restaurant we decided to stay at the lobby lounge while listening at the performing band. My husband talked to the singer and asked if he can sing our wedding song. Few minutes later they sang our song and to our surprise a guest assistant gave us a piece of a very delicious chocolate cake with a special greeting written on the side of the plate....a token from Shangri la. I was so touched by the hotel’s generosity. That slice of cake filled our hearts with so much happiness. That night my husband and I never felt alone...Shangri la celebrated with us.

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