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A sky full of stars


A sky full of stars

One day in the summer of 2008, I quitted my job and tried to travel alone for a month.
The destination was Fiji, the place where I had never visited.
Fiji was a developing country beyond my imagination.
There was no train, bus stop or bus schedule.
After the last bus (in the evening)had gone, sometimes I went around by hitchhike.
Maybe hitchhike was the first and last in my life.

I thought a tourist resort would be quite different from a city. When I stayed in city area, there were black outs at least once a week and the water had been cut off twice!
But, even though inconvenient, life was very exciting for me. I enjoyed every day.
Even though there was no particular place to go out in the town, sometimes I dived with a snorkel and found pleasure in riding.

In town, I was always talking with Fijians. They made me home cooking and I made them Japanese cuisine. We could communicate through sharing our cultures. Even though I was alone, it wasn't boring at all!
It was definitely one of the most impressive days of my life!

However, the good times must eventually come to and end.
I traveled to a remote island with some of my friends I met at Fiji to make some fun memories.
We visited an island called Bounty Island. This island is a beautiful paradise. If you go this island, take off your watch and sandals: You are on Bounty time.

We enjoyed snorkeling and kayaking around the island in the daytime. We had a BBQ and limbo dance with hotel guests and staff at night.
The most impressive thing was the sky full of stars. The view of the starry skies from
the lovely island floating on the middle of the Pacific Ocean was incredible.

I didn't take the photographs on purpose. Because, taking photographs of the sky full of stars need a skill.
Furthermore, paper of tiny square can't describe this heavenly view...
I was looking up at the sky for a long time so that never forget.
I got a lot of great memories during that trip. Bounty island was truly a paradise and I miss being there every minute of the day - I will be back!

After a remote island travel, I went back to Japan.
I didn't want to back so that Fijian were friendly!
When I started for Fiji, I was alone. But when I went back, I had many friends.
At the airport, we missed and cried each other.
This travel made me strong and still energize me.

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