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A Really "New" New Year


 A Really

Food, party, celebration, festivities – these are staples of a perfect holiday. But, holidays are less than perfect if it’s not spent with the family, at least for me. Being able to spend time with the family has always been the best thing about holidays. Be it a party by the sea, or an intimate dinner in a restaurant, being with my family adds meaning to a holiday.

My family decided to welcome 2012 differently. Celebrating New Year always means having a party at home. But this time around, my parents wanted to do something different. I threw the idea of celebrating New Year elsewhere. The next thing I know, we were booking plane tickets to Hong Kong. Vibrant place, temperature that’s way cooler than Manila’s, and really good food, what more could I ask for a New Year celebration? Now this is what I call new New Year.

While we’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times already, it was only in this visit when we had a chance to see Disneyland. At first I really did not feel much excitement, knowing that I’ve outgrown the whole fantasy-fairytale thing but I guess I was wrong. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a holiday season but we felt there’s some kind of magical feeling. The fireworks display, to a certain point was surreal – and this is the child in me speaking. The only downside in visiting the theme park during the holiday season was having to deal with so many visitors wanting a share of that magical experience.

Needless to say, we ate more than doing anything. The Sweet Pea restaurant, along Canton Road known for its sweet pudding, is our favorite restaurant. So it was a no-brainer decision to have our New Year dinner there. Frankly, it’s not the desserts that make us go back there but the really authentic Chinese food. The waiting line that night was just as long as a queue to a blockbuster movie. And by the time we had our table ready, we were all agog to please our taste buds. Crispy noodles, braised beef, and more beef, and dim sum of course, I know we’re up to really good Chinese food.

We capped the day by just chilling in our room with a good view of the harbor. The view from Shangri-la Kowloon was stunning. Specially when the clock has stricken midnight during Jan 1st, the harbor was adorably lit by captivating fireworks.

It was a “new” New Year indeed. But among many things that changed about how we spend New Year, one thing I like that did not quite change, spending it with my family.

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