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A Place To Remember..


A Place To Remember..

Taipei National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine -
A place where solemn memories come to mind.
Honouring the glorious dead and sacrifices made,
By hundreds of thousands lost lives over the last several decades.

Ceremonial changing of guards that occurs everyday,
By smartly uniformed soldiers with not a single word say.
Executing a perfectly timed precision drill,
Marvelled by all witnessing this event with much thrill.

An extremely meaningful visit for all;
That keeps my children very much in awe.
An activity that captured their attention for than an hour;
Certainly a very worthwhile trip where they didn’t cry foul.

Only thirty minutes ride from the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel;
Another perfectly situated abode that doesn’t need much to sell.
Overlooking the much happenings around the City of Taipei;
From its spectacular rooftop pool to the many charming night markets in array.

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