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A Day in New York


A Day in New York

On August 13, 2014 at exactly 3:00 PM, I set foot in the Big Apple aka New York City. I was dressed to the nines, in a flowing chiffon dress paired with my favorite Louboutin heels.
On August 13, 2014 at exactly 4:20 PM, I was in a black Lincoln 4 seater town car, with my Dior shades on, heading to the one and only, Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue.
And finally, on August 13, 2014 at exactly 5:31PM, I was in my hotel bathroom, freshening up.

2 days flew by, and I was feeling ready to do what I was here for all along: shopping. I grabbed my Prada clutch (making sure I had my wallet!), and out the door I went.
At 9:00 AM, I was strolling down 5th Avenue with my husband, and before it was even lunchtime, both of our arms and hands were covered with designer label shopping bags. I was just about to drag my husband into Chanel, when he pointed out a cafe nearby. I couldn't resist. A good day of shopping, could do with a good meal at a cafe.

A few hours of shopping later, I sat on the hotel room floor with my shopping bags scattered all over me. Somehow, we managed to fit all our purchases into one large suitcase, but that meant we were to throw out shopping bags, gift boxes, ribbons and piles of tissue paper. But it was worth it. New York was worth it.

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