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A Cold Canadian Adventure


A Cold Canadian Adventure

I waited for one year for me to see my mom again who moved to Toronto as a permanent resident. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. After landing at Pearsons International Airport, I cannot contain the excitement to see my mom. After about 15 minutes waiting for my luggage, I finally saw my mom who seems to have been waiting for a quite some time already. We exchanged warm hugs that bested even the strongest winter chills. Coming from a tropical country, the extremely cold weather almost got the best of me. But that did not stop me and my mom for having one cold Canadian adventure I sure will always remember.

The first stop was CN Tower. The ride to the observation deck up was exhilarating and breath-taking! We were lucky it was a clear sunny day and got to see from hundreds of meters high, the busy but gorgeous downtown Toronto and the calm lake Ontario.

The walk from the CN Tower and along the Harbourfront sure made us hungry so it was wise to target St. Lawrence Market as our next stop. To my surprise, I found out that St. Lawrence Market was named by National Geographic as the World’s No. 1 food market. How cool is that to be eating in the World’s No.1 food market?! The food choices were enormous from freshly baked bread, unimaginably vast types of cheese, to both frozen and cooked choice meats. I had burrito that’s as big as my arms and it’s insanely delicious.

I’ve gone to Asia’s top shopping haven like Bangkok and Hong Kong but Toronto’s ‘Boxing day’ is indeed another retail experience of its own. For bargain hunters like me and my mom, it’s one of those days you wished to have not ended. Thick group of people flood almost every mall you set your foot into. We went all the way to malls at Yorkdale and Scarborough and went back to the hotel with almost bleeding hands because of our really great finds.

Undeniably the highlight of my first ever visit to Canada was Niagara Falls. In my post to my Facebook page, I posted a picture of my mom and myself with the famous falls as our background. I described this work of nature as stunningly larger-than-life. All the pains from walking were gone with just looking at this astonishing view. Too bad our view of the falls was limited because it was winter.

Back at Shangri-la Toronto, my mom surprised me with a dinner from the hotel’s urban dining paradise, Bosk. We reminisced and laughed just like we used too. Honestly, that moment was the best moment of all. I can always say that this trip was of many firsts. But more than experiencing my first white Christmas, I’m just happy to be reunited with my mom with or without the snow.

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