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曼谷:一个城市的对比中 / Bangkok: a city of contrasts


曼谷:一个城市的对比中 / Bangkok: a city of contrasts



一条河流贯穿它 - 古代与现代之间的路径。


什么是曼谷?它是东南亚的味道。曼谷是芒果,虾,和热火焰。它的食物是辣和甜 - 一次全部。













Bangkok is a city of contrasts.

What is Bangkok? It is a large city. It is the capital of Thailand. Over six million people live within its limits. It is a cultural capital and it is an economic center.

A river runs through it - the path between the ancient and the modern.

What is Bangkok? It is a city full of contrasts. It is black and white, and it is every shade of color. Glass skyscrapers eclipse elaborate temples.

What is Bangkok? It is all the flavors of southeast Asia. Bangkok is mangoes, shrimp, and oil over a hot flame. Its food is spicy and sweet - all at once.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is crazy and calm. It is rush hour traffic and it is the quiet of the early morning.

Its avenues are crowded and loud, and its alleys are still and silent.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is confusing. Bangkok is clear.

It is bold, it is bright. There is joy to be found in unexpected places.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is a delight. Bangkok awakens your senses. Bangkok is smell, Bangkok is sight, and Bangkok is sound.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is the unexpected. Bangkok is nothing you ever imagined.

There are surprises everywhere.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is supreme beauty and chaos. There is beauty in every corner, in every stall in every building, and in every bend in the river.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is slow. Bangkok is fast. The city takes time, but it is worth it.

What is Bangkok? Bangkok is like a dream. You will be rewarded every time you visit. You'll love every taste. You will find adventure in every path you take.

You will never forget Bangkok.

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