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Top Expert Travel Tips - Part 5

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Top Expert Travel Tips - Part 5
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  • Keep seated. As soon as the plane stops, the aisles will be full of people anxious to get out, which can take from 5 to 30 minutes if there is a problem. Why not just relax and enjoy a book or catch up on your emails until lines start moving?
  • If you must take a shuttle bus into the terminal, be the last on and stay near the door.
  • Get used to speed walking to the immigration desk. Stay ahead of the crowd –  each person takes at least a few minutes to clear.
  • Immigration always takes a long time. When they split the lines into Citizens and Foreigners, stand as close to the Citizens lines as possible. Those lines will always empty first, and they'll often open them to everyone.
  • Get cash from ATMs for best rates. Find one as soon as you pass through customs.
  • Use a debit card (and select credit card withdrawal) to avoid credit charges (saving and chequing accounts will not be accessible from many countries outside of your own).
  • Pick up a local prepaid SIM card. We have published a guide for Hong Kong.
  • You can track your journey to your hotel using Google Maps on your phone - GPS does not require data access. This is useful with taxis. Best to have cached maps of your destination city.
  • Arriving at your hotel, simply show your confirmation details in TripIt.
  • Ask the concierge to write on cards the hotel address and anywhere you need to travel to, especially useful if you're dealing with a foreign language. Take photos of these cards with your phone as backup.
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